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About Workforce and Economic Development

The Workforce and Economic Development Division is responsible for supporting instruction, managing grants to community colleges, providing technical assistance, and implementing various special programs. The division is composed of three units: Career Technical Education, Economic and Workforce Development, and Nursing and Allied Health. They coordinate jobs and career opportunities for community college graduates to advance California’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

The division develops innovative strategies to unite development services from employers and communities that increase the state’s economic success. They also create excellence in Career Technical Education courses so individuals are properly trained to enter or re-enter the workforce. Workforce and Economic Development Division develops resources for employees to return to the classroom and improve their job skills.

Administrative responsibilities for the Chancellor’s Office include the Economic and Workforce Development program, the federal Carl D. Perkins Technical Education Act, Nursing and Allied Health programs, the Workforce Investment Act, apprenticeship funding and more.

Key Contacts:

Vacant, Executive Vice Chancellor


Vacant, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor


Nita Patel, manager

916.327.6226 |

Gary W. Adams, Dean

916.322.7079 |

Dr. Jeffrey A. Mrizek, Dean

916.325.5953 |

Dr. Matthew Roberts, Dean

916.445.7692 |

Javier Romero, Dean

916.322.1677 |


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