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Theresa Tena

Executive Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness

Vice Chancellor Theresa TenaTheresa Tena serves as Executive Vice Chancellor of Institutional Effectiveness and Innovation. She oversees the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), a collaborative effort to help colleges and districts improve their fiscal and operational effectiveness and promote student success. IEPI was borne out of the student success movement and the implementation of evidence-based strategies proven to boost student success. IEPI's comprehensive professional development and technical assistance programs, all funded by the state, overlay every division of the Chancellor's Office, including academic affairs, student services, workforce & economic development, research, and fiscal. The state's investment in IEPI supports proactive technical assistance to be provided through a partnership between a community college district and the Chancellor's Office. Theresa collaborates closely with the partner district's Executive Director to identify where support and assistance is most needed in the community college system.

The Division of Institutional Effectiveness works closely with the Board of Governors, internally within the Chancellor's Office, and with colleges/districts to develop, monitor, measure, and implement a framework of indicators as well as policies and procedures designed to support California's community colleges. With its professional development and technical assistance offerings, which address issues commonly associated with accreditation sanctions and, as a result, engender fiscal and operational effectiveness, Institutional Effectiveness benefits colleges and students alike.

Theresa began her professional career as a Budget Analyst at the California State Department of Finance, where she worked on K-12 and community college assignments. In 1999, she began work at the Chancellor's Office as a Specialist in the Fiscal Services Unit, where her primary duties involved disbursing state revenues to community college districts. Theresa then went on to serve as Director of Fiscal Services for Solano Community College District and later as Vice President for the Community College League of California before returning to the Chancellor's Office to assume her current role.

Executive Vice Chancellor Tena double majored in history and international relations while attending the University of California, Davis, and earned an M.A. in Public Administration from the University of Southern California.