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Enacted Bills

Additional information and guidance regarding bills enacted by the Legislature. 

Enacted Bills 2017


This Legislative Update is provided by the Governmental Relations Division and the Legal Affairs Office
and focuses on new legislation enacted in 2017 affecting California Community Colleges and their

2017 Legal Update (PDF)

AB 19 (Santiago) Community colleges: California College Promise. 

(Chapter 735, Statutes of 2017)

As introduced, AB 19 focused on a “free tuition” program, and would have waived the enrollment fees for first-time community college students who enroll in 12 or more semester units, or the equivalent, and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid application or a California Dream Act application, regardless of their level of financial need.

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AB 504 (Medina) Community colleges: Student Success and Support Program funding.

(Chapter 742, Statutes of 2017)

AB 504 modifies the current criteria for the development of Equity Plans by requiring the Chancellor to establish a standard methodology for measurement of student equity. The bill requires community college districts to use the standard methodology in campusbased research regarding student equity.



AB 705 (Irwin) Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012: matriculation: assessment.

(Chapter 745, Statutes of 2017)

AB 705 requires community college districts to maximize the probability of students entering and completing transfer-level coursework in math and English within a one-year timeframe by using multiple measures to achieve this goal.

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