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Implementation Resources

In January 2012, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors endorsed the recommendations of the Student Success Task Force. Once implemented, the 22 recommendations contained in the plan will impact nearly every aspect of how the community colleges operate. Major recommendations address linkages with K-12 schools, student intake and support, instructional programs, and accountability. Taken as a whole, the Task Force recommendations provide a road map that will guide the system as we work to improve the way our colleges help students identify and achieve their educational goals.


April 22, 2013 -- Presentation on the current status and progress on the Student Success Initiative to the American Association of Community Colleges' annual convention in San Francisco. (POWER POINT)


October 2, 2012 -- Presentation on the current status and progress of the Student Success Initiative (pdf)

Initial implementation phase

Of the 22 Task Force recommendations, nine have been identified for the initial implementation phase:

  • Common Core State Standards (Recommendation 1.1)
  • Common Assessment (Recommendation 2.1)
  • Enrollment Priorities (Recommendation 3.1)
  • Board of Governors Fee Waiver Requirements (Recommendation 3.2)
  • Enrollment Management (Recommendation 4.1)
  • Improved system leadership and coordination (Recommendation 7.1)
  • Student Success Score Card (Recommendation 7.3)
    • Accountability Reporting for the California Community College (ARCC) 2.0 – Proposed Framework (pdf)
  • Longitudinal Student Record System (Recommendation 7.4)
  • Student Support Initiative (Recommendation 8.2)

The Chancellor's Office staff has convened practitioner work groups to develop specific implementation mechanisms and procedures for these recommendations. The attachment provides further details on the composition of each work group as well as the designated Chancellor's Office lead for each recommendation. The listing of the work groups is provided in the attached PDF document.