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Student Success Initiative

The Student Success Initiative page is where you'll find all the latest information about this effort...

Student Success Task Force (Archive)

December 15, 2011
Consultation Council Meeting Agenda
Success Task Force Draft Reccomendations and Report (word)(pdf)

December 7, 2011
9:00am to 4:00pm
Le Rivage Hotel - Gran Monaco Room
4800 Riverside Boulevard
Sacramento, California 95822
(word) (pdf)

December 1, 2011
Special Board of Governors Meeting to discuss the Student
Success Task Force Draft Reccomendations and Report (word) (pdf)


November 16, 2011
Northern California Town Hall Meeting agenda (word) (pdf)

November 9, 2011
Meeting Agenda (word) (pdf)

November 2, 2011
Central Valley Town Hall Meeting

Past Meetings
October 27, 2011

Southern California Town Hall Meeting agenda (word) (pdf)

September 14, 2011
Meeting agenda (word) (pdf)

August 17, 2011
Meeting agenda (word) (pdf)

July 13 & 14, 2011
Meeting agenda (word) (pdf)

June 8, 2011
Meeting agenda (word) (pdf)

May 11, 2011
Meeting agenda (word) (pdf)

April 13, 2011

Meeting Agenda (word) (pdf)

Presentation By: Dr. Michael Kirst 
Chairman, California State Board of Education
(PowerPoint Presentation - pdf)

March 9, 2011
Meeting Agenda (word) (pdf)

February 9, 2011
Meeting Agenda (word) (pdf)

Presentation by: Dr. Andrea Venezia,
Senior Research Associate, WestEd
(PowerPoint Presentation - pdf)

Presentation by: Dr. David Conley,
Professor, University of Oregon,
Director, Center for Educational Policy Research
CEO, Educational Policy Improvement Center
(Conley Kappan Interview Sept 2010 - pdf)
(PowerPoint Presentation - pdf)

Presentation by: Dr. Sara Lundquist,
Vice President of Student Services, Santa Ana College
(PowerPoint Presentation - pdf)

January 19, 2011
Meeting Agenda (word) (pdf)

Presentation by: Dr. Kay McClenney
Director, Center for Community College Student Engagement, Community College Leadership Program, University of Texas, Austin
(PowerPoint Presentation - pdf)